Lynn’s Story

When Lisa and I were about ten or eleven (she is older), our mom used to take us to the textile store in Gastonia, North Carolina to buy fabric. I remember walking through the aisles, looking up, and seeing fabric piled high as the sky. It looked to me like treasure. She let us pick what we wanted to sew. Of course, when we got home, we had to fight over who got to use the wonderful little featherweight sewing machine. My first dress was navy on the bottom, white on top, with ruffles all down the front. I was very proud of the sewing we did back then. As we grew up, we learned how to re-fashion our clothes. Today, they call it “upcycling.” By the time we were in high school (before jeans), we had enough clothes to last the whole year without wearing the same thing twice. Quite the fashionistas!! I continued to sew garments and home decor until about four years ago, when Lisa finally got through to me. It took a Kaffee Fassett book to convince me that quilting wasn’t just for “old ladies.” I fell hard and, thousands of yards later, here we are. Back together again. Sewing and creating!!