Breakfast Club 2017

What is Breakfast Club?

Breakfast Club is a year-long Inspire! Club that will be making 1 (12”) block a month.  Each month will feature a different block, in your chosen color way.  At the end of the program, finishing kits will be available.

How much does Breakfast Club Cost?

Registration is $5.  Come to the Breakfast Club meeting and pick up your first block for $3.50.  (If you join Breakfast Club and are unable to make it to the meeting, the block will be $5.50 – still a great price!)  Here is the fun part – bring your completed block to the February meeting and block 2 will be $3.50.  If you do not bring your finished block to the meeting, the cost of your block will be $5.50.  What a great way to make a spectacular quilt at a very low cost!

When will Breakfast Club meet?

Breakfast Club will meet every 3rd Saturday from 8-9 am.


Lisa accidentally picked Maple Star but we had already done it in June. Look for TWO new blocks in December!

July-Steps to the Altar

June – Maple Star

May-Corn & Beans

April – Cut the Corners

March – Dutchman’s Puzzle