Tucker U – Course 1-101 Tucker Trimmer

Tuesday – 4/18/17 from 10am-Noon


or from 6pm-8pm


(includes laminated design sheet, laminated technique sheet and black line design sheets)

1-101 Tucker Trimmer® I and Shaded Four Patch

Learn how to use a Tucker Trimmer I® to create half square Triangles, quarter square triangles and combination units. With the Tucker Trimmer I® alone, a quilter can make three (3) different units in 11 different sizes. These units are often what we refer to as basic units, therefore they must be precise to fit nicely with more advanced units. This is a perfect place for any quilter to begin their journey through the Studio 180 Design set of tools.


You will also learn how to expand the use of your Tucker Trimmer I® by creating a shaded Four Patch unit. By using Deb Tucker’s method of strip piecing the construction of a shaded four patch, the quilter eliminates the need to stitch fabrics on an unsecured bias. This method also eliminates the stretching and puckering within the unit. Quilters will use their Tucker Trimmer I® to finalize their units and then discover a wide array of layouts that can be created with just one block.


*Required tools: Tucker Trimmer I® and Quilter’s Magic Wand ®

+Required Technique Sheet: Shaded Four Patch

+Required Design Sheet: Tucker Trimmer I


*Can be purchased at Inspire class with 20% discount

+ Included in class fee

Basic Sewing Supplies Basic Quilting Supplies
Sewing machine with power cord and manual (just in case ? Rotary cutter with sharp blade
Neutral color of thread and wound bobbin Marking pencil
Extra machine needles Small cutting mat
Snips or trimming scissors and seam ripper 6 X 12 cutting ruler or similar small size

Please precut these units prior to class. Look for high contrast when selecting colors.

  • Step 1, two Colors – (2) 5” Squares of each color
  • Step 2, two Colors – (2) 5 ½” Squares of color 1 and (6) 5 ½” squares of color 2
  • Step 3, three Colors – (2) 5 ½” Squares of color 1, (4) 5 ½” squares of color 2 and (2) 5 ½” Squares of color 3

Fabric Requirements: Fabrics will be cut during class. Therefore, the fabric requirements are healthy amounts so you can make your own design. For course 1-101, we recommend:

  • 3/8 yd focal fabric
  • 3/8 yd background
  • ¼ yd of coordinating or contrasting fabric with focal fabric
  • ¼ yd of coordinating or contrasting fabric with focal fabric

CLICK 1_101 Tucker Trimmer I and Shaded 4 Patch 0610 for PDF Supply List


Supply lists are available on line ( www.inspirequilting.com) and we will have little fabric bundles available for purchase if you want to have a coordinated project at the end of the school year.